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a deal with maryland prosecutors. he showed up in court today in maryland. brianne carter is like to tell us what happened with this. what is the latest? >> dilante west was very apologetic in court today, ashamed by his actions. it started in september of 2009 when officers pulled him over on the beltway for speeding and reckless driving. police found two handguns, and more than 100 shotgun shells and a ninth. today he entered a guilty plea on two of those charges for carrying a concealed weapon and carrying and transporting oil loaded handguns. today he was sentenced to eight months home detention and two years' unsupervised probation and will continue psychological counseling and community service. we heard from him as he spoke out after court. speaking out and saying he was glad this was over and behind him, saying he was very apologetic and could move on with his career. he said if his career is affected by this, he knows he will be able to move on and work in a career where he can continue to counsel youths as he has done in the past. brianne carter, abc7 news. >>> moving on to othe
. a 25-year-old from district heights, maryland was killed when his car struck a tree overnight. vander williams crashed into the tree and was ejected and pronounced dead on the scene. police say speed was a factor. montgomery county fire and rescue are on the scene of a fire in wheaton, md where an std crashed into a super chicken restaurant. -- suv crashed into a super chicken restaurant. and we are getting another look at metro cars that were damaged in the collision last year. one train struck the back of a train that was parked. no passengers were on board at the time but three employees sustained minor injuries. we turn to the news in the gulf of mexico. day 91 of the oily, and testing begins on that cap, and there could be lawsuits growing over pp >bp. >> the government and pp do not see eye to eye on what to do next. >> if encouraging signs continue, we are hopeful that we can get to the point where we can get the well killed. right now, there is no target to set the will and not open to flow. >> but the government confirmed a seep and possible methane over the wells. as a resul
with breaking news in maryland where thousands of customers may be going without much of their water this holiday weekend. we are live in the potomac with the latest on this news. >> it is actually going to be about 1.8 million people. that is how many people are serviced by the wssc water supply. it is a water main break that was prevent -- predicted and preventable. i'm holding a cable that is inside this 8 foot diameter pipe. it actually sense that the pipe may soon break, so the wssc was able to respond. they're just getting underway trying to figure out exactly where this week despite in the pipe would be. -- this weak spot in the pipe would be. this means mandatory water restrictions across this service area. 1.8 million residents are asked -- being asked to cut back dramatically. >> we have issued mandatory water restrictions. we need customers to stop all outside water usage. do not fill up swimming pools. do not flush your toilet every time you use it. cut back on laundry and running a dishwasher. >> your looking at a map now that shows you the entirety of the service area.
murder is. >>> fire destroyed a townhome in maryland before maryland and the basement of his home in temple hills. firefighters spent 20 minutes putting out that fire. one firefighter fell for the floor into the basement however he was not injured. the fire was accidental say investigators but it cost $240,000 in damage. no one w injured. >> >>> there were terrifying moments in the middle of a cross-country flight from dulles international airport. at least 30 people were hurt when united airlines jet ran into turbulence on a flight from los angeles forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in denver doug mckelway is live to tell us what happened to. >> if ever there was a reminder to keep your seat belt buckled on a smooth flight, this was it. clear air turbulence is something pilots cannot see on radar. the outside of this alboin 777 -- of thisboeing 777 does not show a scratch but the inside is different. >> it looks like there was a huge party on the plane. >> tomato juice was blast against the ceiling, oxygen masks were shaken loose, and one woman was thrown with such fo
. the extra clark added today made room called the writers. >>> maryland's highest court is weighing in to stop a casino in anne arundel county. they will go on -- they will hear arguments on whether residents will have a say to build a casino at arundel hills mall. construction could begin soon if the court agrees. >>> police are on a hunt for an ei found the. --iphone thief. the robber asked the victim for directions on the pawn and snatched it and ran. coming up, three months since the oil started spelling in the gulf and some are bringing the plight over the oil spill to capitol hill. we will explain. get ready for fireworks in illinois in a courtroom for the governor gets ready to go under oath. plus, making her way to jail, lindsay lohan starts her time behind bars. will they keep away break anytime soon? adam caske ♪ [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010. [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains foreve
for almost 2 million residents in maryland. good afternoon. i am alison starling. there are mandatory restrictions on customers. the water woes will last throughout the holiday weekend. people are having to cut back. good afternoon, pamela. >> we have spoken to several customers. it appears they are following orders. we have seen people out in their gardens not using water. people have reported taking military showers. they are cutting back on water usage. no one has reported a loss in water pressure. behind me, there is an active seen. the crews are still draining the water before they cut out the faulty section. it could take several days before things are restored. this holiday weekend, there will be plenty of fireworks. waterworks are a different story in montgomery and prince george's counties. the line that delivers water to 1.8 million customers is out of commission. >> it is so close to the house. it is great there were able to be proactive before this became a big issue. >> they're working to fix part of the 96-inch pipe after of fiber-optic cable detected fibers snapping ins
.m., with the exception of frederick county, maryland, frederick county, virginia, the panhandle of west virginia, and points northwestward from there. you can see a few thunderstorms are here pushing up to the south and east of washington county, riding right along i-70. continues to slide to the southeast. rainfall rates within that are about 2 inches an hour. that is not a severe thunderstorm yet, but we could see the development of more organized thunderstorms later this midday and into the early to mid-afternoon hours, said the chances to defend islam's does exist until about 7:00 p.m. otherwise, high temperatures near 90 degrees with high humidity, but that will change rapidly with the cold front moving later on today, and we will talk about the details coming up. >> thank you. as the arlington where the search is on for a man accused of assaulting a 7-year-old girl in a playhouse. detectives are asking parents and residents to take a close look at this man's face. courtney robinson is live now with more on this disturbing story. >> good afternoon to you. this often, we have officers out he
radius of washington, d.c. the second biggest was a 2.7 back in march of 1993 near columbia, maryland. let's go to the stormscan. you can feel it all the way out to 55 miles, out to front royal. franklin county pennsylvania could feel this. that is the latest on this earthquake. i will have more on the forecast later. >> we will get back to your day job. thank you. residents were left shaken up across the region. we are live in rockville, maryland with reaction from there. >> we were in rockville when the earthquake hit, and we began talking with people right away. we heard all sorts of stories, from people that still slept through it, to some who thought a tornado had struck. from rosslyn, to west virginia, this earthquake has everyone talking. >> the highlight of our day is the weather. we have an earthquake, and not just an earthquake, a three. -some think earthquake. >> i heard a rumble. it started like a big truck was coming by. >> i saw a few pictures not where they were supposed to be. >> this was his first earthquake, sort of. a california earthquake brought him into this worl
up the skies over in india. in maryland police had to shut down roads at the trees were brought down. power outages left traffic lights and the dark. and more rain is on the way for later today. adam cascade has a look at our first forecast. is it going to be nsc afternoon? >> probably not afternoon but more so evening, and again, while we are sleeping. it looks like the best chance when we have most of the upper level energy moving overhead which helps trigger the showers and storms. you can see gray skies over the metro area. but we have sunshine in and around the shenandoah valley, which will contribute to the thunderstorm potential out west. gray skies right now. super doppler radar, heavy showers over the eastern shore. they are moving out of the region. locally looking at chances later this afternoon and especially tonight, with highs in the mid to upper 80's this afternoon. we will talk more about the warming temperatures later this week. >> so monday, today. adam, thank you. crews are repairing another water main break in potomac. a 24-inch water main broke along southland ro
straight day with brittle temperature is setting records. we had 106 degrees in frederick, maryland. >> it is like you are a baking in a hot kitchen and there is no fan. >> it is miserable and the heat is dangerous especially for the elderly. there have already been seven heat-related deaths assisted with this heat wave. many more people were hospitalized. this is straining the power grid. 42,000 customers were without power in new jersey, new york, and connecticut. >>> a slippery spell is causing problems for drivers and pedestrians. eastbound u street was closed after some used kitchen grease leaked from a truck. pedestrians and bikers reported slipping around in this greasy mess. they covered the street in sand to get traction but u street is still shut down between 14th street and 16th street to all traffic except for buses. >>> friends and family are saying goodbye to a murdered college student from fairfax county. a panel was held this morning at the end up presbyterian church for the 19-year-old. she will be buried at national memorial church in falls church. she was found st
. >>> speaking of conserving, residents can turn water back on in maryland for the mandatory water restrictions in two maryland counties are now lifted. wssc official -- workers have replaced that section of water main that broke in potomac. >>> a ruptured water main is impacting traffic in northeast d.c. a 30-inch water main there broke near benning road. crews worked to repair the break. >>> a public viewing is under way today for a virginia college student found poor -- brutally murdered. friends and family are paying their respects at national memorial park on lee highway in falls church. that viewing will last until 9:00 tonight. family -- she was found stabbed to death inside her car in fairfax county one week ago. last night a fund raiser to cover fuel costs were held at the vienna inn. police are still searching for her killer. >>> a candlelight vigil takes place tonight for a d.c. college student who had interned on capitol hill. he was shot and killed early sunday morning. he was a student at fairmont state university in west virginia. >>> d.c. is saying its final farewell to washingt
puts a geyser in the air and there are more water problems in maryland. good afternoon, i am alison starling. we go live to the scene in potomac. >> good afternoon. crews are working to replace 1214-foot sections of the pike. you can see a piece of the pipe near where the water main break happen. they ran into a snag this morning. they said the fittings around the pipe it did not fit so they will have to wait. this is a different scene from when the first pipe ruptured. spewing high into the sky -- >> it was hitting the power lines which was interesting. it was very high. >> the water main ruptured the street creating a geyser. crews are now working round-the- clock to repair the 24-inch pipe that serves the city of rockville. >> we have at least two sections that have been damaged. >> they have a slight setback. the fittings around the pipe did not fit and the crews are waiting for a replacement. >> even after the pipe is excavated and replaced, it needs to be chlorinated and tested for bacteria. >> barackville is working with rockwell is working with wssc. it is inconvenient and u
. >>> an unwelcome discovery on the maryland beach, a 25-foot- long whale carcass washed ashore on ocean city. officials say the tide carry it on shore about 5:15 a.m.. they report a very foul smell in that area. you could imagine after all of this heat. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- >> 911, our emergency? >> i think my wife just committed suicide. >> no way she would have done this. been a suicide that turned out to be much, much more. inside look at a case that rocked a small texas congregations. later today on oprah, sister of serial killer john wayne gacy speaks out. >>> the story of a tragedy that affected a family of a baptist minister. a wife and mother who committed suicide. a mystery plot twists and turns. we will hear the whole story tonight. live from the door with a preview is 20/20 cohost elizabeth vargas. sounds like a fascinating story in the most unlikely of places involving the most unlikely of people. >> without a doubt. said in waco, texas, small town and the heart of the bible belt. a local pastor, a baptist preacher, met baker, who had a beautiful family -- wife and
a number of deaths in maryland, 6 heat- related debts. aths. if you're going outside, proceed cautiously and stay hydrated. >>> by people are hospitalized after a serious crash involving a metrobus. that was a car after the car ran a red light at 15th street and pennsylvania street in southeast d.c. the force of the crash sent the cars into a car that was parked outside and there are two serious injuries. >>> occupants of three row houses are displaced after a rooftop fire at about 5:00 this morning. heavy smoke and flames were reported and 74 firefighters were called to the scene. there were no injuries but about 18 occupants of three separate homes have been displaced and the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>> another fire broke out in a family home in the 3600 block of drews court in alexandria. >> the adult male tried to fight the fire. it was rolling into the kitchen the 911 dispatcher told him to get out of the house. >> everyone in the home got out safely. >>> repairs to the 96-inch crack water main in potomac are on schedule and should be wrapped up by the end of
. a tree fell on another a man at a recreation center. in beltsville, maryland, a 44- year-old was killed when a tree crashed onto her minivan. >>> with the cleanup from the storm still in full force, more severe weather could be headed our way. adam caskey is here with a look at our first forecast. >>> it does not feel bad right now but that is humidity is higher than yesterday. this morning was not as refreshing as it was yesterday morning because of the added humidity and heat. there is another cold front that is stretching through chicago and the midwest sneaking our way and will make it here by tomorrow afternoon. that could trigger another line of thunderstorms. it looks great over the bay right now. 88 degrees in arlington right now. the dew point are up near 70 degrees. the added humidity is great compared to yesterday. 92 will be the high temperature today. there's a better chance for storms tomorrow and we will talk about that coming up. >>> we are following breaking news out of the district where a little girl is in serious condition after coming into contact with a hazardous s
to try to avoid the muggy air. >> i cannot walk as far as the have to take it slower. >> 16 marylanders have died already with more fatalities expected over the weekend. >> this is really humid here. >> this man is happy he will be headed back on to denver this afternoon. >> i will be escaping. >> d.c. officials say the of when that key indices reach 95, they will open four cooling centers to the public. >>> turning now to the cleanup in the gulf of mexico -- tropical storm bonnie heading toward the gulf of mexico right now an oil spill recovery efforts are in full retreat. all ships around the site of the rod blagojevich oil rig have been forced to withdraw along with drilling rigs. -- all the ships around the site of the oil rig had been forced to withdraw along with drilling rigs. >> tropical storm body has picked up steam as it continues on a collision course with the area of the gulf impacted by the bp oil's bel pre personnel on ships are being evaluated and drilling on the relief well's has been suspended. >> the intention is to put the vessels may safe place so they can return as
there. that is over northern maryland. that is an area of low pressure. that is continuing to push off to the east, and the clouds will continue to clear from the west to east. leesburg clear right now. we should see enough sun to get temperatures up into the upper 80's. then some fog cannot be ruled out tonight. tomorrow looking very sunny. highs in the low to mid 90's. not just tomorrow but on into friday. from unsettled to settle. >>> this is the shocker of the day. the daughter of sarah palin is getting married. "us magazine" says she is a engaged to leave by johnston. they split up two months after their son's birth. the recently announced they were packing things up for the suns say. the plan came as a surprise to sarah palin. >>> montgomery county celebrated the grand opening of a new addition to a firehouse in silver springs. the fire chief toured the volunteer fire department. it features more sleeping quarters and a training in meeting room as well. >>> writers were stranded on a hot air -- riders that were stranded on june 21 are now eligible for five and vip day passes. eac
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